Twilight’s out of the house, and everypony knows what that means!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Now I know why her parents were so eager to have her stay with somepony else…

Oh, uh…well…thankfully, Shrinky Dink tells me she didn’t touch anypony, so, um…oh, no! No, no, no! Don’t…I don’t want to see the doll! Don’t show anypony the doll! Nopony needs to see- W-Wha…THAT’S MY FOALSITTER YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! SHE WAS LIKE A BIG SISTER- NO! DON’T EVEN SAY IT!

I-I-I’m sorry if anypony was made uncomfortable by…uh..that. And if Scootaloo’s parents are reading this, uh, the doll…yes, it’s anatomically correct…bu-but it’s an educational doll, you see! Her doll, not mine! My doll was completely normal! I know you’ve probably heard certain things, but it’s not like that! My pillow, not my doll, is…

…If you excuse me, everypony, I should probably talk about this directly to Scootaloo’s parents. And maybe Apple Bloom’s and Sweetie Belle’s parents, too.

…So, um…yes, her special talent is psychology…specifically, in…in certain fields…

Anyway, since she’s in Ponyville, I figured she could co-host my blog with me, so sent in those asks!

…I’m going to have to dig through these bones, aren’t I?

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